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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. NO Franchise Fees
  2. NO Royalty Fees
  3. Low Set-Up Cost
  4. Operation Manual
  5. Marketing Materials
  6. Free Annual Training
  7. Use of Logo & Trademarks
  8. 100% Refund of Franchise Package
  9. Offer Quality Value Meals to Communities
10. Affordable Ready to Operate Business Package  

Great-Tasting Sauces

We started as a small business supplying our specially blended chicken sauces to food outlets.
Over 1,000 food outlets, restaurants and kiosks have since ordered our chicken sauces.  
We realized that more people can enjoy our sauces if we set-up our own franchise. 

CHICKENFRICE aims to provide great tasting value meals of chicken, fries, and rice with our specially blended sauces. 
We also aim to improve the economy of communities around the world by providing business and employment opportunities.

Franchise Package

CHICKENFRICE provides you with affordable ‘ready to operate’ business package.
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Sauces Available

CHICKENFRICE offers a wide range of tasty and delicious sauces.
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100% Refund of the Franchise Package

Franchisees will receive a 100% Refund of their Franchise Package by introducing 12 New Franchisees with the same Kiosk Type as theirs.
The Refund will be done after all of the 12 New Franchisees have made full payment of their own Franchise Package (no pro-rata). 
The 12 New Franchisees are parties that have not been introduced by any other parties (staff, agents, partners or franchisees, etc.).
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Location of the Kiosk & Business Permits

Franchisees are responsible for securing the location, lease contract, and business permits.
The location of their kiosk or restaurant is subject to approval by the Company and after the ocular visit by the staff.
The company will provide the documents for the Lease Contract such as the Letter of Intent, menu, and the perspective of the kiosk.

Start Date of the Kiosk

Upon approval of the kiosk location and payment to the Company:
TYPE 1-4 - between 3 to 4 weeks after full payment of the Franchise Package 
TYPE 5-6 - depends on the type of design/renovation requested by the Franchisee.

Delivery of Supplies

Franchisees shall order and pay for their supplies in advance to ensure that their business is not interrupted.
The delivery schedules below are based on working days excluding all public holidays

  • 3 to 4 Working Days within Luzon
  • 5 to 8 Working Days within Visayas and Mindanao areas


The company will decide on the menu based on specific standards and tastes.
Franchisees are not allowed to change or revise any menu other than those specified by the Company.


A franchisee may upgrade their franchise package upon written approval by the Company.

Franchisee Agreement

The Franchisee Agreement is renewable after three (3) years.

Simple Application Process

1. Call or Text - +63 998 821 7020
or Email to -

2. Sign the Franchise Agreement
3. Pay for your Franchise Package